Top 6 fitness deals to achieve a summer body

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As the summer looms ahead of us – and by that I mean summer holidays abroad, preferably on a beach, not the annual brief affair Britain has with the sun – our focus starts to turn to preparation to enjoy the sunshine. Whether you have plans for an LGBT hotspots across Europe, one of the alternative cities we previously featured or further afield, there is often a focus on getting that summer body look. The summer body is driven by a desire to look good and feel good for a holiday, which could involve getting a tan before you go abroad, indulging in new wardrobe items or most often through fitness.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up or gain more body confidence, Groupon has a range of deals available to help you achieve fitness goals ahead of the summer. This could be through yoga, personal training sessions, Boot Camps or self-defence classes. Here are our top six fitness deals currently available on Groupon.

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Online Personal Fitness Training, £29

This online personal training system offers 12 weight management workouts, nutritional advice and exercise plans –

One Month of Unlimited Boot Camp Classes for One or Two from £10

Whether stamina, boxing-themed or the 6 a.m. early birds, exercisers can find the right boot camp class for them with one month of sessions –

Yoga Barre Classes: Five or Ten from £19

Fitness-seekers can choose between yoga barre, body conditioning or yoga classes, with five locations to choose from –

Five Self- Defence Classes from £14

Covering self-defence techniques against the most common street attacks, these sessions take place at locations including Covent Garden –

Up to Five 30-Minture Personal Training Sessions with Optional Body Assessment at Body Formula

Take part in up to five personal training sessions that aim to improve fitness, health and confidence –

Five Sessions of Hot Yoga at Bikram Yoga London from £19

Absolute beginners to advanced yogis can work up a sweat in an assortment of stretchy positions at a state-of-the-art studio –

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