Top 6 Ways to Spruce up Your Space with Spray Paint

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There is so much diversity in the range of spray paints available. From the incredible variety of colours and shades to the finishes that can be achieved such as the ‘mirror look’ and the surfaces that spray paints can be applied to. The possibilities with spray paint are endless so why wouldn’t you use it to breathe a little life back into your home with some DIY improvement?

Here are my top six ways to spruce up your space with spray paint . . .

DIY Welcome Mat

It’s the first thing your visitors will see when they come to your home so it’s a great way to give a good first impression. If the outside of your home looks unappealing what assumptions will people make about the rest of your house? This is such a quick and easy project to take on, all you need is a stencil, a mat and some spray paint. You can decide how you decorate – with a few words or a pattern, you can keep it chic in black or make a bold statement and go for neon.

Curtain Makeover

This is perfect if you have some curtains that still have life in them, but you just aren’t that into anymore. If you can’t afford to splash out and buy the curtains of your dreams, customise your old ones! The design possibilities when armed with a pair of curtains and a can of spray paint are infinite. If you’re up to the challenge you can paint just about anything onto a curtain. It doesn’t have to be complicated though, you could just go for something as simple as a band of colour at the bottom.

Radiator Renovation

After time paint can start to peel off metal objects like radiators. It looks unattractive and it makes a mess in your home, because all the flakes of paint collect underneath the radiator on the floor. Be sure to pick up a spray paint that is suitable for your radiator when you visit your local DIY store or buy online.

Table Transformation

If you have a tired old dining table consider rejuvenating it with a coat of spray paint, this will allow you to cover any stains it may have acquired over the years. Before you get to spraying it a new colour make sure you sand the table to prepare it, this way you will get a better finish as the spray paint with have a fresh surface to adhere to. For best results, after painting it coat it with a clear finish to seal the paint in.


If you want to switch all of the door handles in your home from chrome to brass or brass to chrome all you need is a can of the metallic spray paint of your choice. Finding hardware in the style and colour you want can be difficult and when you find the right one they can be expensive, in the end it all adds up but with spray paint you can keep the style of the current hardware you love, but switch it to your desired colour so you don’t have to spend a small fortune on replacing them all.

Plant Pot Upgrade

Nothing says boring more than tacky plastic or terracotta plant pots, don’t let the unappealing pots overshadow the look of your garden and stand out more than the plants themselves. For many of us plastic pots are convenient as they are cheap and easily replaced, but just because they are cheap it doesn’t mean that their look has to reflect their price. Spraying them a new colour will instantly give them the facelift they are begging for.

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