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Solo health travel is a growing trend, with a new type of traveller the healthy holidaymaker. Health and Fitness Travel, experts in healthy holidays worldwide, have seen a rise in the diversity of travellers choosing to go it alone, for the opportunity to focus on their individual wellness goals. Whether this be a yoga retreat in Asia or a fitness bootcamp in Europe, solo health travel almost doubled amongst affluent and first-time travellers in 2015.

The freedom to choose how you spend your healthy holiday is attracting a new and broader following, from health conscious baby-boomers looking to keep active in retirement, to single parents wanting to rediscover a healthier lifestyle. Having shaken-off the lonely hearts stigma it once carried, even those in relationships are now looking to travel solo and focus on their goals, instead of compromising on a half-hearted holiday with the other-half. Here are five top tips to make the most of your solo health travel from Health and Fitness Travel.

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1. Focus on your wellness goals

Whether finally reaching your fitness target or discovering new ways to manage stress, take the time to escape distractions and focus on you. With the help of motivational personal trainers, medical, nutritional and wellness experts, you will have the best support you need to finally reach your goals.

2. Join in with group fitness classes

One of the best ways to meet like-minded solo travellers on holiday, group fitness classes are a great way of breaking the ice whilst mixing with a fantastic array of people with shared goals and passions.

3. Don’t dine and hide with room service

Avoiding the prospect of dining solo by using room service is a tempting option for many first-time solo travellers, but don’t dull down your culinary experience by hiding away. Many wellness retreats offer singles only dining tables as an easy way of bringing solo travellers together.

4. Forgo social media, if only for a little while

Keep in touch with family and friends to let them know you’ve arrived safely, but leave your phone in your room for the day, allowing you to take the time to really disconnect on a digital detox.

5. Join a tour

For solo travellers looking to feed their wanderlust, active excursions from adventurous white water rafting and zip lining, to healthy cooking classes and educational eco hikes, are a great way to meet fellow solo travellers with similar interests.

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