A traveller’s guide to the bulkiest bulges

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Photo by Joseph Greve

Every so often research comes out that maps out international penis sizes. The results don’t really vary from year to year, but it’s always reassuring to see South America beat the USA for once (kidding!). On the same note, Argentina gets its own back against Britain.

So, if you’re planning your next holiday, here’s a handy map (from BodyRock/The Daily Hiit) you can consult:


If you need some more facts and figures to help sway you, then don’t fear, there’s a handy chart that breaks it all down a little bit for you.

The chart challenges the received wisdom of dating apps and hook-up websites, where according to a completely accurate, scientifically rigorous survey of men’s profiles* we discovered the average gay male is at least 7″ long (a phenomenon we like to call ‘the Fitlads ruler’) and, like, really, really fat.

If you’re thinking of booking your next holiday, perhaps consider South America for its brightly coloured festivities, gorgeous weather … and giant schlongs.

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Where are you going on holiday this year? And will you be taking a tape measure to test these results for yourself?

*Well, we read their stats. ‘Til we got bored and just looked at their pics.

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