Best 2020 international new year festivals

Emma Li

As we welcome the Year of the Rat and prepare to celebrate Chinese New Year on Saturday 25 January, Beijing will be lit up with lights and fireworks in celebration. This makes it the perfect time to travel and visit some of the fantastic Chinese New Year celebrations all around the world.

With January usually being a tough month, many holidaymakers use the first paycheck of the year to get away from the grim British days.

According to a survey of over 2,000 UK adults conducted by WeSwap, 17% of millennial travellers plan their trips around overseas festivals and cultural events.

Rob Stross, CMO of WeSwap, said, ‘The experience economy is going from strength to strength, and our research shows that when planning their holidays, British holidaymakers’ main concerns are creating long-lasting memories.

‘It seems that Brits are more focused on taking part in activities beyond the traditional excursions, looking to immerse themselves in a large range of cultural experiences.

‘By allocating more of their holiday budgets to spending money, holidaymakers are sending a message to travel agents and providers alike that they aren’t concerned with luxury stays in all-inclusive resorts.

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‘Instead, they are looking for the cheapest providers so that they and their loved ones can have the best experience while there, eating in great restaurants, unique day-trips and memorable experiences.’

New Year is celebrated across many countries during this period, such as Sri Lanka, Bali and parts of India. WeSwap has now revealed the top international destinations to join in the New Year’s celebrations in 2020:

25 January 2020: Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a week-long celebration involving parades, street parties and endless fireworks. In Beijing, parks and public places will be decorated in bright colours and dragon dances will weave through city streets.

14-16 April 2020: Choul Chnam Thmey – Cambodian New Year

Most of the cities in Cambodia are empty during these festivities as people return to their hometowns to celebrate with friends and family. However, places like the temple of War Phnom are buzzing with activity.

Locals play traditional games during the festival and throw talcum powder on each other. Siem Reap also hosts exhibits of cultural arts and numerous street parties.

11 September 2020: Enkutatash – Ethiopian New Year

In Ethiopia, the end of the rainy season leaves behind thousands and thousands of newly sprouted yellow daisies. The New Year’s celebrations involve the exchange of flowers, eating and drinking.

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