Brits prefer realistic holiday snaps to picture-perfect selfies

Adam Lowe

Travellers are apparently seven times more likely to visit a destination after seeing a picture posted on social media when that picture is realistic. According to research by OnePoll, 29 per cent of those surveyed said they’d prefer ‘authentic’ photos rather than picture-perfect ones.

Our biggest pet peeve, though? Those awful ‘hot dogs or legs’ photos splashed all over social media, with 26 per cent of adults hating these more than any others.

The study also found that in reality, only 10 per cent of Brits’ annual leave is spent taking exotic long-haul holidays. Instead, the rest goes on trips in the UK and Europe, with 35 per cent going on ‘occasion’ travel like concerts, sporting events and family birthdays.

The USA, Italy and the Caribbean continue to top the bucket list of dream destinations for 2020, but the study of 2,000 adults shows more Brits will be travelling to London, the Lake District and Edinburgh this year.

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