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A recent study by Monarch Airlines found that Britains spend 22 days per year on social media and 39 days watching TV/films. This is undoubtedly true of the LGBT community within the UK. Vada sees a continuous stream of tweets and Instagram posts declaring last night’s events on Canal Street, the latest kink outfit purchased, or just those photos to quench a #thirstythursday – a lot of the community is spending a lot of time posting content. So what?

Well the survey also found that the average Brit also only spends only 16 days on holiday. That’s less than the typical allowance for a full time job. And of those who didn’t use their full allowance the excuse of half was because “they didn’t have time”.

Other key findings include:

  • The average weekly commute takes more time than flying to Naples and back
  • The average Brit spends over 22 days per year on social media but only 16 days holidaying
  • Almost two thirds of Brits (63%) wish they could take more holidays, the average person wants an extra 8 days per year
  • Yet, 1 in 7 Brits didn’t use up their full holiday allowance from work last year, losing on average, 5 days’ holiday
  • Shockingly, 1 in 10 people didn’t use 10 or more days that they were entitled to take
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So if reading this feel you fall into the category of spending more time on social media, or prioritising work over relaxing, try giving up a social media habit (reading Vada Facebook feeds not included). This can free up a huge amount of time, and over the course of the year this really adds up – enough for a holiday. Or better yet, share those thirst quenching photos from your holiday!

5 swaps to fit more holidays into your life:

  1. Swap social media scrolling for surfing in Hawaii
  2. Swap watching TV for a top art gallery
  3. Swap washing and cleaning for luxury spa breaks
  4. Swap the weekly commute for a weekend break to Amsterdam
  5. Swap British pubs for Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market

For full details of the Flights Quicker Than campaign, and where you could save time and make more room for holidays, visit

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