Circuit Festival 2013 – Diary of a Circuit Queen

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It’s 4am. The alarm buzzes loudly in my ear. Time to get up. For some reason the flight leaves at 6am. Whose idea was that? We pack everything up – a suitcase packed to the limit and two over-stuffed backpacks. A lot of stuff considering we’re going to a 10-day festival where the largest item of clothing will be swimmers.

Finally on the flight. Managed to squeeze through bag-drop, check-in and security. Now comes the fun part of sitting in the airport for another hour until our flight leaves. Uneventful flight – n0 hot attendants. Not a good start to the holiday at all. Arrived in Barcelona, well Girona really. Have to find the bus to Barcelona, another hour of travel. A chance to sleep perhaps. Barcelona. Properly this time.

The sun is out. This is a good sign. It’s still early yet, and the temp is already around 30. Need to get to the hotel to swap these jeans for some short shorts. The hotel is fantastic. One would expect nothing less for a few thousand a week I guess. The rest of the crew has started to arrive. Our little group is now 7. Looks to be a great week. We head to the festival office to pick up our passes to the parties. 300€ and we’re good to go to every party they throw this week. Armbands on and we’re off to the beach. Turns out there’s a party at the beach every day. Music, drinks from the bar. Excellent. Looks like they’ve done some special deals for us on the drinks. 1l of sangria for only 15€. Will be stocking up on those at the beach bar.

There’s a bus to the party. It’s full of hot guys. Some have muscles wanting to burst out of their skin. It’s gonna be a killer party. I’d tell you about the parties separately but it’s all kind of a blur. Here’s the highlights: Dance floors packed with guys of all ages, all muscular body-types. Heaven.  Now we’re talking. Music is good – go go dancers don’t seem to do anything really. That’d be an easy job to have. Except those guys – the ones sexing on the stage for 20 minutes. That’s a bit weird. No one seems to be looking at me much. Too short, too old, not muscular enough. Need to go to the gym more when I get home I guess. Have been going 5 times a week, will have to up to 10. Maybe just take a sleeping bag. Need a drink now. Oh! Discount water – only 6€ a bottle. I buy 5.

These ten days are gonna rock. Have had so many hands in my pants I lost count. So many muscles. And twinks. Iit’s being handed out in spades here. Rock out till you can’t remember where you put my face! Or my wallet. Heading home, need to sleep for a couple of hours until the next party. Starts in 7 hours or so. On the bus back to the city. Twink wants a go on the bus. Oblige him. Twice. This might be the best party yet. Only another 17 to go.

Shower, dry, head hits the pillow. Sleep.

Today’s the day we’ve been waiting for. The waterpark party. 12,000 gay men taking over a water park for the day. Water is 6€ again. Luckily those hot dogs are only 6€ too. Good thing I don’t need to eat. (Circuit queens don’t eat) Have been playing on water slides for hours. Have bruises on my back. Hope they don’t make my muscles look strange. I’d cover them with a t-shirt but who wears a shirt these days? The sun’s going down, some friends are in the hospital tent having their OD seen to. Hope they’re ok to keep partying later.

Oh! Fireworks. That’s nice. More dancing. Have to move to the hall. It’s getting a bit chilly in the water. More twinks here. And muscle guys. I prefer the twinks though. They’re almost naked. Well they would be if they moved their hands. I feel like I’ve been dancing for about 5 hours. Oh. I have. Is that the sun coming up? No. Yes. Time to go home yet? Probably a good idea. Is there a party tomorrow night? Yes? Great. We’ll be there. Need to get home and have a nap. Just a quick one. For a couple of hours at least. We should head to the beach tomorrow. That will be fun. Yes. Let’s do that.

Last five days have been a bit of a blur. The same music, same guys, different places. Thank god there’s a bus to take me to and from or I’d be wandering around Barcelona with my shoes in my hands. Heading home tomorrow. Last party tonight. It’s the Main party. Expecting it to be wild. It is. People are off the charts. There’s a few new faces here too which is nice. Met another Aussie boy. Looks like a mate from home. Isn’t though.

Time to sleep. And then pack. Flight leaves early. which means the 6am bus to Girona. That will be fun. It’s ok to be a little high at the airport right? Probably. Only take two just in case. Somehow manage to lose my boarding card somewhere between the check at the gate and the check at the plane. Can’t explain that at all. My good looks get me on the plane anyway. Touchdown. Time to go home and sleep. Oh no. Straight to work today. Should have had a day off. Will sleep again next month.


*This is a satirical piece based on real events. Vada Magazine does not condone or encourage being a circuit queen mess.

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