Dracula on the bus to Whitby

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A novel method is being used to entice people to the haunting Gothic splendour of Whitby Abbey.  The spooky ruins that inspired Bram Stoker to write Dracula is featured on thousands of bus tickets during until the end of the month in North Yorkshire.

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Perched high on cliffs on the North Yorkshire & Cleveland Heritage Coast, Whitby Abbey is one the most atmospheric historic monuments managed by English Heritage. The bus tickets feature an imposing image of Whitby Abbey silhouetted against a dark sky that adds to the foreboding quality of the location.

The company that created the ticket campaign believes bus passengers in North Yorkshire will be intrigued by the image and drawn into finding out more.

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James McGrath, National Sales Executive at Ticketmedia, said, ‘I think people will find it difficult to forget the image we have used on the ticket.  It shows the Whitby Abbey as I think Bram Stoker saw it, a place exuding a shadowy spirituality and atmosphere that intrigues and beguiles people who visit it.’

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Caroline Topps, Marketing Manager Yorkshire English Heritage North, said, ‘We’re constantly looking at ways to maximise exposure, incentivise new visitors and communicate with our members. Working with Ticketmedia is an innovative way for one of our key English Heritage sites in North Yorkshire to do just this.’

Each of the 250,000 bus ticket also offers passengers £1 off entry to the venue, so if you fancy a day trip to Whitby this month, hold on to your bus ticket.

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