Same-sex marriage in Kyoto for Valentine’s Day

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In Japan, Valentine’s Day connotes sharing special treats and moments with treasured family and friends, a lover, or even by yourself. Owing to its unspoilt charm and beauty, Kyoto is a fabulous city to visit, particularly over Valentine’s Day.

Kyoto is the city that is at the heart and soul of Japanese history and culture. Imagine a city that is home to 17 World Cultural Heritage sites – a living and breathing museum of everything that is fascinating and splendid about Japan, Kyoto is both modern and ancient, new and traditional. The glory of Kyoto’s past and the vitality of its present make it a city that is unique and that truly should not be missed. The Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau is therefore encouraging all travel lovers to choose the former capital of Japan this Valentine’s Day and feel the real romance of the city.

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Exchange Vows In A Harmonious Temple – from 2,569 GBP per person

All preferences are catered for by Out Of Office, who will curate a bespoke package for same-sex couples looking to get married in a truly magnificent location this Valentine’s Day! Upon arrival in Kyoto, travellers can spend the day getting acquainted with the city, before settling in for the night knowing that the next day will mark a very special occasion – the wedding day.

After getting dressed in traditional wedding kimono and being tended to by a hair stylist, brides and grooms are taken to Shunkoin Temple – the first in Japan to offer same-sex ceremonies. This Zen Buddhist temple was originally established in 1590 as one of the sub-temples in the Myōshin ji temple complex. The temple houses important historical artifacts that reflect the multifaceted religious and artistic atmosphere in Japan from the sixteenth century onward.
After the grand event, the married couple can enjoy a spectacular wedding dinner at the Shiokoji Rakusui traditional Japanese restaurant, and the days of marital bliss that follow can be tailored to individual preferences.

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No bride? No groom? No Problem – from approx. 2,496.76 GBP

For those who are happily single, Japanese tour operator Cerca Travel is offering a novel experience for female travellers who are looking to enjoy the full magic of a wedding day without the legal obligation of a marriage certificate! This package includes a day of pure bliss for wannabe brides, who can dress in elegant traditional kimono or a billowing white gown to create the picture perfect wedding. Set in the scenic backdrop of Kyoto, the two-day package is a unique and unforgettable way to spend Valentine’s Day. The price includes one night’s accommodation, English-speaking guide and a photo album memento of the day.

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Beginner’s Guide to Japan – from 4,990 GBP per person

For those who are yet to experience the joys of Japanese culture and just looking to explore what it has to offer, Ampersand Travel has curated the perfect 11 day break for couples and families to take in the breadth and beauty of the country, including three nights in Kyoto. Commencing in Tokyo, visitors are treated to the stylish modernity of the city before heading into the Japanese Alps for a scenic getaway. A bullet train then takes travel lovers right to the heart of Japan, Kyoto, where its 17 world heritage sites, striking temples and Zen gardens will inspire even the most experienced travellers. Spend the days strolling through the city’s diverse landscapes and learn the fascinating stories of the Geiko and craftsmen before retreating to the Royal Park Hotel, where guests have access to total luxury.

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