Spa review: Double Up Spa Day at The Spa at The Midland, Manchester

Adam Lowe

We’ve reported before on the range of treatments and facilities at The Spa at The Midland in Manchester. Recently, however, The Spa launched a brand-new package that makes a visit to the urban retreat essential for couples, friends or even colleagues who need a break. Instead of going on your own, you can double up with your chosen companion, and experience the very best the spa has to offer.

The thermal journey guests embark upon is something of an all-you-can-eat buffet. You get a 30-minute Rasul experience (Moroccan mud, algae and thermal shower), before a 55-minute experience of your choice, light lunch or afternoon tea, and then relaxation in the chillout zone or in the thermal spa facilities and swimming pool. Honestly, it’s bliss – and from £109 per person, it’s also a steal.

Rasul experience

I’ve experienced a rasul treatment only once before – and there it was slightly different (relying on buckets of hot water to apply the thermal element, rather than the thermal showers used here). At The Spa at The Midland, the experience is geared towards privacy for two people. Once you have access to the space, you will be alone to treat your skin to algae and mud, before using the thermal jets to wash it all away. Because you’re left alone, it makes it a great opportunity to unwind and get some quality time together – even if you’re both just sat in silence, as we were, enjoying the relaxing process.

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The combination of steam, therapeutic muds, showers and relaxation works as an alternative to the usual massages and facials, if you so choose, but also works well as a way to cleanse and detox before your spa journey.

Treatment of your choice

As part of the package, you get a 55-minute treatment of your choice. I chose a hot stones massage while my partner went for a deep muscle massage. The therapists were superb. We were given the option of taking our treatments in the same room or in different rooms – it’s a nice idea to get massages side-by-side if you go with your significant other.

I was so relaxed, I almost drifted off. I offer suffer with tightness of muscles and clicking joints – especially during the cold. After warming my body, my therapist was able to unwork the tight knots, and the twinges I often feel in my joints just disappeared.

Meanwhile, my partner went in wanting to soothe tired muscles (he works as a gardener). He regularly gets knots in his back and shoulders, and so he required some hands-on attention to help him relax. He reported a massive difference, feeling much more limber and loose as a result.


As we were hoping to detox and I’d just restarted my diet, we opted for the light lunch option instead of afternoon tea (although I had serious food envy from the others who had the afternoon tea). We had a bowl of soup each, a small sandwich, fish and salad to round out the selection – there are healthy options, sandwich selections and more filling options for those with bigger appetites.

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The lunch was a nice way to break up the day, and the food was great. It was simple and tasty, but packed with nutrients and flavour. That glass of champagne, though technically tainting our detox efforts, was a lovely way to round out the day, too.


The relaxation suite has secluded rooms with sliding doors, shaded beds, hanging chairs and pod chairs to help you shut out the world. You can read a book, flick through a magazine, or just meditate in peace. There’s a lovely selection of refreshing teas and naturally flavoured water to keep you going. We could have spent all day here, although we had dinner arrangements so left about 3pm (we’d arrived at 11am).

The verdict

The location of The Spa at The Midland is always going to make it appealing. But its gorgeous decor, peaceful relaxation zones and well equipped thermal suite makes it a place you really do want to come back to. At 55 minutes, the treatments were substantial, and allowed us to fit in a range of experiences throughout our visit.

This package is great if you have a whole day (or even just a few hours) to unwind and enjoy all the facilities. The entire package can be done in three hours, or you can stay longer and make the most of it. You don’t need to go far to recharge – and what’s more, now you can try a little bit of everything and share it with a loved one, without breaking the bank. A wonderful offering from The Spa at The Midland!

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More information

Your spa day will include:

  • A 30 minute Rasul treatment for two
  • A 55 minute spa treatment of your choice
  • A glass of Champagne
  • A delicious light lunch or afternoon tea in the Spa Cafe

Price: Double Up Spa Day costs from £109 Monday to Thursday, and from £129 Friday to Sunday.

For more information or to book your spa day please call 0161 932 4086 or book online

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