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So we have fed your desires for comfort and culture, how about something with a little more bite – literally! Stockholm is full to bursting with some of the most incredible restaurants you will ever see combining class and elegance with fantastic food to make each dining experience a unique stand out moment in your trip.

Urban Deli


Nestled in the delightful neighbourhood of SoFo in Nytorget Urban Deli is something of an unexpected pleasure. On first glance you would be forgiven for not realising that Urban Deli is actually a restaurant as the front of the property is actually a shop selling healthy local good. However, a real explorer need only take a glimpse in the back and find that it opens up into a comfortable bar and restaurant.

The aesthetic of the restaurant itself actually puts you in mind of a kitchen and breakfast bar which helps give the venue an overall feeling of comfort as the very friendly staff tempt you with local food and drink. Indeed one of the specialities on offer was a local beer that was brewed just down the road, along with some bread and cheese to help prime the appetite for anything you might like.

The venue also has something of a history as a place of social equality, with the stairs themselves being inscribed with a message of social acceptance and idealism. This immediately sets the tone for the venue as a must visit spot for LGBT travellers.


Zink Grill

Similar to the Urban Deli, the Zink Grill is something of a hidden gem. Presenting a classically furnished eatery decked out in a french style creating a warm and close atmosphere to diners. This combined with some delicious food designed for sharing and a selection of wines makes for a terrific night out spot for couples and groups looking for a night out on the town.

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In particular the meat platters on offer show off some of the most succulent food that you will have with every bite being a seeming revelation of flavour. On my visit I found myself raving over their pork which would melt in the mouth, and was perfectly paired with a fine wine as suggested by the very helpful and friendly staff.

This sense of intimacy also comes into play as diners are treated to a luxuriant time with friends even stretching outside into the traditional smoking area which is decked out with benches complete with blankets and heating lamps to ensure the comfort of visitors. Altogether a terrific night out.


Oaxen Slip

Found in Djurgarten a mere stones throw from the Prins van Orangien and the ABBA Museum the Oaxen restaurant is a gorgeous and relaxed eatery located right next to the water and sports some of the best views to diners. One of only a handful of restaurant’s in the city that boasts two michelin stars the restaurant is actually a converted boat shed and the maritime theme is made very present by the decor which features several boats which sailing paraphernalia which are literally hanging from the walls and ceiling. It creates a terrific atmosphere for guests which make it a must visit for the spectacle alone.

The food on offer at Oaxen is a tour de force and it is not difficult to see why this restaurant has earned those precious michelin stars. This venue offers some of the finest in traditional Swedish cuisine including the classic meatballs in gravy that will mean you will never be able to settle for IKEA’s landmark foods again.

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A great treat offered by the venue includes a selection of lemonades in various flavours which compliment almost any palette and any occasion making it a perfect spot for afternoon or evening diners. In particular it is a perfect spot for guests visiting in the summer with the windows opening out onto the river allowing for some gorgeous scenery to enjoy with your meal.



Broms is another unexpected find that is a feast for the senses for any visitor who wants to enjoy fine food and fine company set against the urban backdrop of Sweden’s capital. With a variety of good food on offer it would be easy to assume that this is just another fancy bistro that only caters for those of ‘refined’ taste. However, the atmosphere of the venue encourages a very unique sense of coming together which transcends this and in fact throws people from all walks of life together to enjoy the excellent cuisine.

The restaurant itself is designed to allow visitors to sit together whether they come in groups or individually, quite literally putting guests together to experience their food. To lone travellers this might seem unusual at first, yet the idea of community and sociability is inescapable and the concept of eating with strangers quickly melts away into an experience of meeting new friends and acquaintances that you do not get in many places.

The excellent selection of food also helps this as the chefs lovingly combine different foods in new and exciting ways that will make any gourmand leap for joy as traditional foods are reimagined in new and exotic ways. A feast for he tastebuds and the opportunity to discuss and enjoy your food with new friends makes this a wonderful experience for any tourist travelling to the neighbourhood of Ostermalm and we cannot recommend it enough for anyone who wants a taste of authentic Swedish life



I have to conclude my trip of culinary Stockholm with one particular venue that can only be seen to be believed. Malarpaviljongen is a popular LGBT restaurant that is actually set against the river built on pontoons and boats that go out into the water making for a beautiful view of the water and lush green woodland located on the other side of the river.

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I am not usually as keen on outdoor restaurants but there was almost something mystical about sitting out on the water surrounded by nature and the sight of swans skimming by that makes it something of a spectacle. Even without the delicious food it is possibly to just come and sit and enjoy the bounty of nature with a few drinks and a few friends.

Is it any wonder then that a mere hint of sunshine has locals and visitors alike rushing to the waterside to enjoy an unbelievable day and a truly awe inspiring view of sunset?

With all of this beauty I would almost forgive the restaurant of the food wasn’t quite as good. However, the food was once again a triumph of flavour as the my serve an eclectic menu of local food and drink that is prepared and presented beautifully. In particular the locally sourced shrimp was a revaluation and provided a bouquet of flavours that helped cleanse the palette and prepare diners for an extravaganza of fine food.

I also cannot recommend Malarpaviljongen’s own rose wine which compliments almost every meal beautifully elevating your night out from a simple dinner to an unforgettable experience.


Any destination we recommend would be a great place for you to visit, but Malarpaviljongen is an essential stop on any visitor coming in summer. It is also a seasonal venue which is only open for 6 months of the year so it is a perfect spot to enjoy the terrific Scandinavian summer.

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