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Are you a travel-lover at heart with a thirst for adventure and new experiences? Often find yourself lost, head in a phrase book, while you try to find your way to the nearest watering hole? Well fear not, intrepid rover, we’ve got your back! Check out our list of the Top 15 Travel Apps for Experience Seekers and see if it can help you on your next trip.

GoEuro – No, this isn’t a propaganda tool for the Remain campaign! It’s actually the perfect way to book travel across Europe. Even with Uber, last minute transportation can be a serious pain in the arse. GoEuro, though, is a blessing! It lets users compare public transport and flight prices across the continent through one easy peasy search option. There are over 46,000 routes offered and you can find tickets from operators like National Express, Eurostar and EasyJet. Phew!

MisterBnB – In search of a much needed alternative to AirBnB? MisterBnB is the world’s largest LGBT hotelier, boasting 50,000 hosts in more than 100 countries. You’ll find the perfect place to kip in minutes – and no need to worry about B&B owners refusing you because of who you are.

Wimbify – If you don’t fancy anything ‘BnB’, Wimbify is a little like Couchsurfing for LGBT people who are travelling. This free app allows you to meet other LGBT people who can be your tour guide and open their home to you whilst you are off on your adventures. Its much safer and reliable than finding a place to crash on Grindr, we can guarantee that!

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VizEat – We all love to eat out, but when you’re travelling, it’s often the locals who are the experts on the native cuisine. VizEat is a social dining platform. It offers travellers of all kinds an opportunity to meet local people for an authentic meal in-home in 60 countries worldwide. That means you can sample the local delights with a local host for a genuine slice of their home culture.

Hailo – Eat your heart out, Uber. Hailo uses black cabs and their international equivalents to find you a lift in short time. You can get an estimate on your trip and pay through the app, meaning you never need to carry cash again. Plus, unlike Uber, you’ll benefit from local drivers with The Knowledge – and never get stuck in bad traffic just because of Uber’s GPS ever again.


Hostmaker – Hostmaker takes the hassle out of Airbnb hosting. It provides hotel-style services such as cleaning, linen rental and welcome packs for arriving guests, as well as a profile management service for hosts. With Hostmaker, all the admin (from listing, pricing and guest communication) is taken care of, so your home is in safe hands while you’re away.

Man About World – This LGBT travel magazine allows you to download city guides and plan your trips around the globe. It’s perfect if you’re looking for somewhere friendly (and fun) to visit and want to cut out the middle man of reading numerous conflicting travel guides (handy hint: try ours first ;)).

Vespa – Vespa prives an up-to-the-minute directory of LGBT venues and hotspots around the world. The app currently has over 300 gay friendly cities and 5000 places to visit in its listings, which makes it perfect for helping you plan your tourist route the next time you’re away.

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Google Translate – Google Translate is absolutely essential for any traveller without at least five major languages under their belt. It can translate 90 languages through text and audio features – so you won’t have to open that phrase book once. Depending on the language used, it really can be very accurate indeed (we’ve even seen it produce accurate translations of song lyrics and poetry).

GasBuddy – GasBuddy is for those who prefer to travel by car. With it, you can find your nearest petrol station in seconds, and you’ll even get an approximate pricing. This is essential if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere with an almost-dry tank.


Navmii – This a free smart navigation and traffic app works offline too so you can avoid roaming charges. Installed on over 24 million devices, Navmii helps you find local businesses and points of interest.

WiFi Map – Internet roaming charges are enough to push the best of us over the edge. But with WiFi Map you canidentify free hotspots in 95 countries around the world. Who says you can’t shower your friends and family with holiday pics in real-time? No more waiting to upload everything when you get home.

Tripit – TripIt allows you to forward your travel confirmation emails to the app, pulling everything together into one easy-to-consult itinerary. No longer do you need to worry about missing an appointment or organising your travels – this app will do the hard work for you.

TimeOut – TimeOut is famed as one of the best listings magazines in the world. The TimeOut app gives you detailed listings of the very best events and activites around the world.

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BlaBlaCar – BlaBlaCar is a ride sharing service, connecting drivers with empty seats to passengers who need a lift. BlaBlaCar operates in 22 countries with 25 million members. Its drivers save a combined £216 million every year just by offering passengers a seat.

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