Top 3 hotels in Stockholm, Sweden

Drew Wilby

If you are ever going to Stockholm, then this is a must read piece so you can choose one of the best places to stay while you are there.

Hotel Rival

Hotel Rival is an art-deco design hotel with an unexpected Abba connection located on the south island of Stockholm. What used to be a theatre and cinema has now been turned into a great bar and entrance hall with 99 rooms above it. The character and charm have not been lost though and the original features of the old building are still there on show for all to see.

The theatre still stands to this day and is now used as a show space for performers, acts, comedians etc that grace the hotel with their presence. Room rates start from £95 per person per night.

The Clarion Sign Hotel

The Clarion Sign Hotel situated on the north island is Stockholm’s largest hotel. It is fully equipped with Scandinavian interior design and the exterior design will make you gasp. The four degree angle that the front of the building is on towers over the park and over you when you stand at the base of the structure and looking down from inside is just as daunting.

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You will find the cities only rooftop pool here with stunning views over the entire city at the eighth floor Selma City Spa. Room rates start from £90 per person per night which also include all the trimmings.

Hotel Skeppsholmen

On the peaceful and lush island of Skeppsholmen in the middle of the lively city lies a more than 300 year old house. This rural setting is home of the award winning Hotel Skeppsholmen, a modern and eco-friendly hot spot situated on the waterfront.

Hotel Skeppsholmen could not be more different than the previous hotels because of its location and character. By crossing a bridge onto this small and adorable island you leave the city behind and walk into a green paradise.

Even though you are a five minute walk away from the hustle and bustle of the city streets you could not feel more distant. Room rates start from £75 per person per night.

Choose your own adventure

All three hotels are very unique and different from one another, only you can decide which one suits you best.

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