Top 5 tips for surviving spring

Simon Blish

We hate the cold just as much as you do. But now the snow looks like it’s abating and we’ve had a bit of sun, we’re ready to throw caution to the wind again and get ourselves out there.

But let’s not be too hasty. It’s still rather cold, after all!

Here are our top five tips for surviving the spring.

5. Plan your summer holiday

Thinking ahead to the delights of summer is enough to help even the most jaded soul through the darkest months.

4. Visit the seaside

Well, Brighton, at any rate. You don’t have to get wet (unless you’re into that sort of thing), and there are plenty of pretty boys. It’s good practice for the summer.

3. Buy a pair of hotpants

Get yourself a Brazilian stud off Grindr, too, and then have him model them for you.

2. Get ready for pride season

It’s only round the corner! Manchester Pride famously has Ariana Grande headlining this year.

1. Have a spring fling

At this time of year, lovebites are the only accessory for that fake tan you’re sporting.

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