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We discuss the upcoming new LGBT travel guide Sassy Planet: A Queer Guide to 40 Cities, and explore why this should be a reference point for your next travels.

Sitting at a happy medium somewhere between the Lonely Planet guides and the many gay travel blogs, Sassy Planet: A Queer Guide to 40 Cities is a quirky, vibrantly-illustrated travel guide on LGBTQ scenes in cities across North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australasia.

Sassy Planet

Sassy Planet covers some of the major LGBT hubs (like New York, Berlin and Mykonos), but pulls back the curtain of the queer goings on in many less popular LGBT travel destinations like Bogotá (Colombia), Accra (Ghana), and Lagos (Nigeria). Whilst some of these locations and regions typically score lower in terms of LGBT rights than the major hubs, Sassy Planet highlights the queer culture that does exist within these local contexts and how it is flourishing.

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Through continued lobbying for positive legislation changes, resources such as the ILGA Europe Rainbow Map, initiatives within the travel industry (e.g.’s Proud Hospital training programme for their accommodation partners), and greater visibility of local queer cultures across the globe (such as through the Sassy Planet guide) we as the LGBT community should enjoy greater travel options feeling safe.

What makes Sassy Planet unique?

Much like our own city travel guides (such as Barcelona and Tel Aviv), The Sassy Planet authors (Harish Bhandari, Nick Schiarizzi, David Dodge and Bráulio Amado) drew on their own travel experiences as well as using gay dating apps (like Grindr and Scruff) to connect with and draw on perspectives of local DJs, artists, activists, party promoters, drag performers and DIY historians.

Sassy Planet: A Queer Guide to 40 Cities features interviews with locals like a chat with ‘MatchaGreenTea’ about the best saunas in Bangkok, or a conversation with the Amman-based My.Kali queer platform, and the Rustin Times online publication. These interviews act a teaser to the reader (and potential traveller) to continue their research into the local destination. Other cities within the queer guide include best-of lists, helpful insights and some celebrity interviews (like with Ru Paul Drag Race All Star winner Alaska Thunderfuck 5000, discussing her connections o Pittsburgh).

Where to get a copy?

Sassy Planet: A Queer Guide to 40 Cities is published by Prestel, with a planned publication date of 7 September 2021 and is available to pre-order.  Search online for ISBN 9783791387567 (available from Amazon, Prestel Publishing and other retailers).

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Readers can expect to pay from £18.99 for the queer travel guide.

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