TropOut Thailand 2016 – Video Blog 7


So day seven of my TropOut Thailand 2016 adventure sees me travelling home, leaving all of my boys, the blistering heat and this amazing country. I’m crazy sad to see the place go. It was literal paradise and unless I sell a kidney, this opportunity will be very hard to come by again!

However, the next TropOut experience will be in New Caledonia off the East coast of Australia in May 2017, and then back to Thailand again in November 2017, so I better get saving.

The bonds I’ve made and the connections I’ve had the absolute pleasure to forge with these boys, plus the experiences we’ve embarked on together, have all been incredible. This will be something that won’t leave me for a very long time, if ever!

Who else can say they held a turtle popped out of someone’s cooter and got drunk at a beach party with a big bunch of crazy homofabulous creatures who love to shake their poosays just as much as you do?

My trip home to tropical and record-defying temperatures (sniggers yeah, right), is documented below and I hope you’ve enjoyed being along for the ride with me, as it’s been an absolute joy and a pleasure.

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