Watch: Burger King Proud Whopper viral

Daniel Wren

Burger King has scored a runaway success with a viral video for its Proud Whopper.

The US fast-food chain decided to celebrate pride season in San Francisco with a special burger in a limited edition rainbow flag wrapper. Once unwrapped, customers find the words ‘we’re all the same inside’ within.

The Proud Whopper was a repackaged edition of the US chain’s flagship burger, designed to show the company’s support of LGBT+ rights. The burger was available in select stores in San Francisco along the pride parade route.

Burger King published a video catching the surprised reactions of its customers as they discovered the wrapper and secret message inside, which has been viewed almost 4.6 million times.

The Proud Whopper is part of Burger King US’s shift from the old slogan ‘Have it your way’ to ‘Be your way’, according to Burger King’s senior vice president of global brand management, Fernando Machado.

The Proud Whopper also reflects Burger King’s LGBT-friendly HR policy, which offers equal benefits for same-sex partners of employees as for opposite sex partners and which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

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