Win-Win First Date Ideas: A Gay Man’s Guide

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You’ve made a connection, everything seemed great when you met (or chatted online), and now it’s time to go on your first date and see how things are going. Where to go? What to wear? Will he think differently of you if you take him to a place he doesn’t like? Those are all legit questions, and since the tension might be too high before the date, here are a couple of tips on what to do on your first date to make it into a win-win situation:

Things you both like

One of the best things that you can do is to choose something you both like and start from there. Start with analyzing your prior chats, and see if there’s something you both enjoy. For example, if he mentioned that he would like to see an exhibition of an artist you also like, you can go to the museum and see it together. Moreover, if he likes a movie that’s secretly your favorite (such as the Harry Potter movies – are there gays who don’t like this franchise?) you can do a bit of research online and see if there’s a coffee place where they play the movies in the background. That way you will get to talk, get to know each other and comment on your favorite bits of the films. Make sure not to choose cinema as the venue of your first date – that doesn’t involve talking, and if he doesn’t like the movie, he’ll get the wrong feeling about your date.

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Make dinner by yourselves

One of the best ideas for the first date, even though it’s not very conventional, is inviting him over to make dinner together. Not only is it romantic, it’s also so much fun. You can also buy a bottle of gin and make cocktails in between the cooking breaks. The cozy home atmosphere will make both of you much more relaxed, and the chances of your first date being successful will be very high. However, mind that you shouldn’t expect anything more on your first date – you might want to keep your candy for yourself this time. You definitely don’t want to come off as somebody who will have sex on his first date. Consider him as a date with future potential rather than a one-night-stand.

Double date

Double-dating is an excellent thing to take the stress off your shoulders and have a fun time while chatting with other people as well. Not only will you feel more relaxed, but you’ll also see how he connects with other people, which is very important for your potential future relationship. This would be best if your friends are together in a relationship and you met through them. If this is not the case and you would take only your friends along, then you might want to skip this one, as there’s a slight chance you’ll make things a bit more uncomfortable for him. You can also take a look at these original double date ideas, and organize something similar.

First dance

Why not take everything to a whole new level and hit a club with your date? Not only will you get to see him in his party mood, which is super interesting as it is, but it could be much fun and very relaxed as well. Moreover, if the music is right, it can get very sexy. Show him your best dance moves and make him experience something that not many can experience during their first date – a great night out drinking and partying. If the mood is right, you can also invite your and his friends and make this a night you will remember for a long, long time.

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There are many first date ideas out there, all it takes for you to get them is a bit of imagination. Sure, you can choose the basic one – talking over a cup of coffee – but you really want to make this work, do you? If you really like the guy, it would be best to impress him with something original. Choose any from the list above, and there you go. Good luck!

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