Cha Cha Boudoir in Pictures – Part 2

cha cha boudoir
Adam Lowe

See part one here.

cha cha boudoir - naomi shambles
Naomi Shambles takes to the stage
cha cha boudoir - naomi shambles 2
…and shows us how to be fierce!
marilyn misandry
Marilyn Misandry warms her vocal chords during the tech run
cheddar gawjus
‘Please. Cuff me, officer. I dare you.’
our job is so hard
Taking photos like this is the hardest job in the world.
tilly skreams
Tilly Skreams shows us where she gets her name from
cheddar 2
Cheddar Gawjus acts demure
marilyn and venus quasar
Marilyn Misandry and Venus Quasar
‘We just came here to dance, honest!’
if gaga can do it
Well if Gaga can do it…
sly hands has drag dollars
Sly Hands counts his loot
tilly and friend
Tilly Skreams shows Manchester how to party
we are family
Down the rabbit hole
sheela blige
Sheela Blige shows us how to work it, honey
venus twerks
Venus welcomes us into her dressing room
naomi in the changing rooms
Naomi knows good backlighting
the cha cha crown
The Cha Cha crown in all its glory!

Photos: Drew Wilby

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Adam Lowe is an award-winning author, editor and publisher from Leeds, now based in Manchester. He runs Dog Horn Publishing and is Director and Writing Coordinator for Young Enigma, a writer development programme for LGBT young people. He sometimes performs as Beyonce Holes.