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The Chap Olympiad will provide Londoners with a day-long celebration of British eccentricity to the backdrop of a traditional summer garden party. You could almost be forgiven for thinking this will be a straight version of a drag race.

The Chap Olympiad will take place on Saturday 16th July, when Britain’s best dressed will once again descend on Bedford Square Gardens for a very British party, complete with Olympiad games for the unathletic, live music, and Bourne & Hollingsworth’s trademark cocktails.

Guests can expect excellent cocktails (our previous experience with the Bourne & Hollingsworth boys can confirm their excellence), superb British food and truly unique entertainment. The games are hosted by The Chap Magazine, a bi-monthly journal celebrating tweeds, hat-doffing, Martinis and all things gentlemanly, and throughout the day there will be live music from big bands, dancing and general merriment.

One of the trail-blazers in the experiential world, The Chap Olympiad blurs the lines between event and theatre, mixing audience and dedicated chaps, and bringing them together for an unforgettable experience. In line with this, Olympiad guests and participants are encouraged to stay within the limits of the dress code and fully immerse themselves in the day’s activities. The day will come as a welcome relief for those who were never picked for the school sports team due to being too weedy, and for whom a well-pressed suit is deemed close to godliness.

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True to the Chap style, the Olympiad games are designed to reward panache rather than sporting prowess, and require the minimum of physical exertion. Featuring such events as the Corby Trouser Press Challenge (an alternative assault course), Not Playing Tennis (the laziest ever game of tennis), and the eagerly observed Umbrella Jousting (as you might expect), The Chap Olympiad has become a London institution and a must-see event for anyone visiting London.

Bourne & Hollingsworth will be providing their trademark cocktails, both classic and low alcohol, alongside beer and wine coolers. Food will be served all day, from luncheon to supper. Overindulge at the barbecue, sip afternoon tea with home-made cakes and delicacies, or snack on ice cream and other garden party classics.

The Chap Olympiad takes place on Saturday 16th July at Bedford Square Gardens, London, WC1. Entry is from 12pm, with games beginning at 1pm.

Tickets cost £25 and are available from thechapolympiad.com or by calling 020 7636 8228.

Last but not least, the dress code: elegant finery, military wear, formal wear, dandy wear. No sportswear except cricket whites and absolutely no denim!

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