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EVE Riot Grrrls is an all-female wrestling event, which has been running since 2006. This year a series of events is planned to showcase the increased acceptance of women in the professional world-wide wrestling scene, creating a variety of action-packed theatrical women’s wrestling events, inspiring women of all ages to support, take part and most importantly, to be entertained.

Alongside the live events, founders Emily and Dann run The EVE Academy, located at The Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green, offering a friendly and inclusive experience for those wanting to learn how to become a women’s wrestler whilst being part of a nurturing and empowering community. The academy offers weekly pro wrestling training classes for anyone who is a self-identifying woman, or is non-binary, femme presenting and comfortable in a woman-focused environment. 

At EVE Academy women can train to become one of the future EVE professionals. The classes are led by two-time EVE champion and fitness instructor Rhia O’Reilly and Lucha Libre head coach, professional wrestler and film choreographer Greg Burridge. The training includes three key parts, starting with physical fitness, incorporating callisthenics, core strengthening, stretches and aerobic exercises and tune-chanting to create the most contagious happy and festival-like atmosphere. Secondly, the academy teaches learning to wrestle and perfecting some of the best-known moves, from the body slam to the dropkick. Finally, building the character, which includes skills in acting body language and stunts. Not only is the primary aim of the EVE Academy to help trainees become the best professionals they can be but also to help build strong, loud and confident women.

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The popularity of women’s sports – and in particular entertainment-based sports like EVE – has grown enormously. This is partly aided by the success of Netflix series GLOW, which follows the fictional lives of women in the professional wrestling circuit. First aired in 2017 and with the highly anticipated third season about to drop this August, the programme has helped bring women’s wrestling to the mainstream.

Details of upcoming shows:

  • EVE – Riot Grrrls of Wrestling Present: Fights and False Lashes – 10th August, Resistance Gallery
  • EVE – Riot Grrrls of Wrestling Present: THE 2019 SHE-1 SERIES – 9th – 11th November, Resistance Gallery
  • EVE – Riot Grrrls of Wrestling Present: Wrestle Queendom – 11th January, York Hall Bethnal Green

For more details of these events, visit EVEwrestling.com

The EVE Academy is located at: Resistance Gallery, 265 Poyser St, London E2 9RF

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