Fetish Week 2014 – Review

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So, Fetish Week 2014 turned out to be epic. It was the first one I have attended and was hosted by Recon, the fetish social network.

The week officially started on the Sunday (6th July) when they hosted a welcome party at the Village Underground in Shoreditch. I attended the event with a group of friends and got changed into my pup gear on arrival with everyone else.

The venue was fantastic, there was a great atmosphere and a free bar, which was well abused (how a beta pup should be). All the staff where very friendly and helpful and put a lot of effort into organising the event and were even running a few competitions.

It was nice to finally meet all the people I had spoken to hundreds of times online but had never met in person, or even see their faces. A lot of people made a real effort in gearing up for the event and it was nice to see a large variety, from rubber suits to leather chaps all the way to sports kits and puppies. This event was a good icebreaker where you could talk to people and plan for the week’s events.

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The second event I attended was the Full Fetish night on the closing weekend. This was hosted at The Coronet, a large venue in Elephant and Castle, originally a theatre. My boyfriend, PupJesse and I wore our new rubber suits, custom made at Regulation and arrived at the event with the Regulation boys.

As this was the main event of the week I expected it to be busy but it was absolutely heaving with kinksters. One guy I met was an American DJ who lives in Berlin, which goes to show how far people had traveled to attend the event.

At the back of the building outside were a few arches set up for different kinky activities. One had a wetroom with baths and a large empty pool for those into water sports. Next door to that was a room full of suspended slings with people taking part in numerous grizzly things. The last of the rooms was more of a bondage room that had everything you needed from harnesses, ropes and chains to tie or suspend someone.

After exploring the dark corners of the venue my night consisted of a considerable amount of dancing and socialising with good company.

Overall my first fetish week was spectacular and the only bad thing I could think of was the prices of the drinks at Full Fetish but maybe it was karma striking me back from the welcome party, who knows. I made some amazing friends from all around the world who I plan on staying in contact with and look forward to seeing them at the next event.

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