Four new ambassadors announced for Manchester Pride

Adam Lowe

Four new ambassadors have been selected after the success of 2018’s Manchester Pride to help spread the word about next year’s programme of events.

Singer/songwriter Lucy Spraggan, Corrie stars Daniel Brockleback and Dolly-Rose Campbell, and Hollyoaks star Annie Wallace have all been appointed ambassadors.

Spraggan performed for her 10th year on The Big Weekend, and broke the silence at the 2017 Candlelit Vigil.

‘I am very excited to be an ambassador for Manchester Pride. I’m so looking forward to getting stuck in with what Manchester Pride is all about, not just for The Big Weekend but all year round. They do such amazing charity work and at the Spring Benefit this year there was a video about helping young people overcome the struggles of being out which, as an LGBTQ+ person myself, really opened my eyes. Now more than ever I really want to get involved in the charity work that Manchester Pride do,’ Spraggan says.

The Coronation Street float has been an iconic part of the parade each year, and both Campbell and Brocklebank attended the Spring Benefit back in May.

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‘I am thrilled to be an ambassador for Manchester Pride. The work that Manchester Pride does throughout the year to engage with and create opportunities for people in Manchester’s LGBT+ community and beyond makes a huge difference to so many people’s lives and I am very much looking forward to getting involved in their fantastic charity work,’ says Campbell.

‘I’ve been involved with Manchester Pride for 18 years and I was honoured to be asked to be an ambassador for the organisation. They are a celebration of all things LGBT+, a support and educational organisation, helping to end ignorance, prejudice and hatred, and a charity that raises so much for the LGBT+ community. Everyone knows the Bank Holiday Weekend celebration, but Pride is about so much more. I look forward to helping where I can, and flying the flag for Manchester Pride!’ says Wallace.

The ambassadors join Heather Peace, Antony Cotton, Damon Alexis-Rochefort, Carl Austin-Behan, Claire Mooney, Matt Lister, Adam Zane, Kieron Richardson, Ross Adams, John Amaechi OBE, Arthur Bostrum and Alicya Eyo.

Manchester Pride CEO Mark Fletcher, who has been at the helm through a crucial period in the charity’s growth (including its attempts to better reflect the community and broaden its appeal through the Superbia arts programme), adds, ‘We’re so pleased to have been able to appoint Lucy, Daniel, Dolly-Rose and Annie as ambassadors for the charity. They have been huge supporters of ours for such a long time that this was a natural process for us and we can think of no better people to go out there and represent LGBT+ people on behalf of Manchester.’

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