Glitter in the Milk: An Interview with Danny Olsson-Lane

Adam Lowe

What’s the story behind Cha Cha Boudoir? How did it come about?

I guess it happened pretty naturally really. We were all friends to begin with after meeting out and about a few years ago.

Me and Cheddar Gorgeous had nothing better to do every weekend but get blottoed on cheap vodka and then saunter along to Sub101 to persecute Anna Phylactic at Aftershock and we used to talk about hosting our own night a lot when we were pissed.

Anna and Cheddar had the backing of various people at the club to try something new and so they entrusted us to put on Cha Cha  as a bit of an experiment I think. I initially started as DJ and ran the show with Anna and Cheddar, who also hosted and performed.

As the night grew and there was more to do, I got more involved with other aspects behind the scenes and thus we decided the three of us were basically the poor man’s answer to Destiny’s Child (fuck off, I’m not Michelle!).

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What kind of music are we likely to hear? Who’s playing?

I always try to play a real mix of stuff at Cha Cha. I have such eclectic music tastes and try to cater to everyone who attends to some degree.

I love synthy 80s pop, electronica, R&B and house music, so there’ll be lots of that mixed in with a bit everything else … Oh, and some Right Said Fred obvs.

This month Phil Bakstad from Scouseland joins us and he similarly plays a glorious megamix of diverse tunes.

What acts have you got lined up for us? Which themes do you have coming up?

We have a top banana line-up for the birthday. Joining Anna and Cheddar are Liquorice Black, Lill, Grace Oni Smith and Tilly Skreams amongst a massive supporting cast, so it’s gonna go off in OZ!

As for the rest of the year, there are some pretty awesome themes in store. I can’t say too much but a few relate to some major blockbuster film releases over the coming months.

What memories from the last two years do you particularly relish?

There have been so many. I guess the first few Cha Chas when we’d all end up in the DJ booth at 4am pissed as farts looking out onto a packed club and wondering how on earth we’d managed it, that was pretty special.

Most of my favourite memories have involved the aftermath at Spar at 6am with a gaggle of drags in toe desperately trying to find eggs and beans for a fry-up.

I can’t say too much as Cheddar makes me sign various confidentiality agreements (and beats me), but one day I’ll publish them all in my no-holes-barred book Glitter in the Milk – My Life with Drags – the perfect stocking filler.

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Looking forward to your third year, what are you most excited about?

We’ve got lots of new ideas to play with. Over the last few months the performances have really become a lot bigger in many respects, and we hope to keep up that epic feel to the show and watch it evolve.

As always, we’re hoping to expand our circle of drags even further as it’s great when performers from far and wide come over for a jolly and a lip-synch with us.

Anyone interested should get in touch via the Facebook page.

Ultimately though we’re just gonna continue to have a lovely time, and we hope you lot will join us …

Cha Cha Boudoir: Drag Queens of Oz is this Friday at Sub 101 in Manchester.

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