Have your say: Manchester Pride Inclusion & Equality Charter

Adam Lowe

Manchester Pride is working on an exciting and innovative project that aims to bring real change and a true commitment to LGBT inclusion and equality across the Greater Manchester region. As part of that project, the charity is asking residents of Greater Manchester to answer a few questions to help craft its response to the needs of LGBT people in the area.

Manchester Pride wants to tackle all forms of discrimination and inequality faced by LGBT people (whether because of sexuality, gender, race, religion, disability, etc) in order to create a safe environment for all people to thrive within. Pride is therefore looking to the businesses and organisations of Greater Manchester to sign a pledge to commit to the promotion of equality and inclusion for all LGBT people in the region.

Manchester Pride wants Greater Manchester to recognise that huge diversity exists amongst LGBT people, that there is no one size fits all strategy, and that there are many differences in needs, aspirations and experiences in the community.

It is important that the region recognises that some LGBT people face discrimination and inequality based on characteristics such as race, religion or disability, in addition to their sexual orientation and or gender identity (what might be called an ‘intersectional approach’ to meeting the needs of LGBT people).

As part of this process, Manchester Pride is first surveying local residents to hear about their experiences of discrimination.

Have you been affected by discrimination? Do you feel safe in this city that we live and work in? Is Greater Manchester the forward thinking, inclusive and accepting county that we want it to be?

The form can be completed anonymously.

About Adam Lowe

Adam Lowe is an award-winning author, editor and publisher from Leeds, now based in Manchester. He runs Dog Horn Publishing and is Director and Writing Coordinator for Young Enigma, a writer development programme for LGBT young people. He sometimes performs as Beyonce Holes.