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Faux Q is a new night set to hit Manchester’s alt queer scene later this month. We caught up with Faux Q alt-femme poster girl Ivy Profemme to find out more.

The origins of Faux Q

The idea for Faux Q has always been there but I felt a majority of the ‘woman orientated’ nights were not representative of me and what I’d like to do on a night out. When I mentioned this to friends of mine they were all of the same opinion. So we started to think that maybe we should do our own night, our own way!

Rachele Evaroa and I were reminiscing about our youth and the lack of live music on the alternative scene, how just a few years ago we would spend Saturday night watching new and upcoming bands. I remember watching Hooker (now Liines) and these amazing punk and riot grrrl bands and I feel that is something that is getting lost today.

Our aim at Faux Q is to introduce more diversity into the queer scene in Manchester and challenge the pop-centric stereotype of women in queer night clubs. There will be a range of music and live performers such as Ill and Liines and we will be predominantly playing punk, riot grrrl, and anything with an alt-femme feel. But don’t worry, Faux Q isn’t just about women – we believe that anyone has the ability to be an alt-femme, so who knows what will be played!

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Manchester at the forefront

Historically Manchester and the North West have been at the forefront of various social and artistic movements and are considered to be a hub of creativity, particularly in the music industry. I suppose that such a creative community demands a diverse and alternative night life. Also, the internet makes it easier to discover a wider variety of music than it did ten years ago, and with the help of social media we can share music much easier. The increasing access to many forms of music has recently been mirrored in the whole host of new nights in Manchester and the range of venues to accommodate events – such as Kraak Gallery, Islington Mill, Antwerp Mansion and our host venue Bangkok Bar. We at Faux Q believe that the alternative scene is stronger than ever and we can’t wait to be a part of it!

I go to a range of nights and events on and off the queer scene. Cha Cha Boudoir and Bollox are two club nights that have had an especially big influence on me. The range and diversity of the music and people at Bollox is amazing, and the live performance and crowd interaction at Cha Cha is fabulous. I have all those nights to thank for igniting my spark for performance and drag, and for allowing me to grace their stages.

Other nights I enjoy attending are Swing and Shout for its live music and atmosphere, Rapture for a good dance and Sass for drag performances and even more dancing. I’m also excited to be attending Susan on the 8th November for even more drag and dancing – it’s never enough! I’ve always been a fan of the Tranarchy events and I was very sad to discover the end of Tranarchy and the range of events they hosted, such as the Vogue Brawl and Zomie Pride. Although I hear the Vogue Brawl is staying, which is good.

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Looking forward

The main thing I’m looking forward to is getting to make my stamp on the queer alternative scene. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

I’m excited about meeting the crowd and interacting with like minded people. I’m looking forward to the live music – we have a range of bands all with the alt-femme vibe, plus some amazing up and coming DJs.

I’m also looking forward to getting dressed up in my best and strutting my stuff on stage for the wonderful people of Manchester, who will be joining me in doing their own thing and having as much fun as we can!

Find out more about Faux Q at the Facebook event page.

Images courtesy of James Krisp.

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