Laurence Malice: 12 Trade stories

Adam Lowe

In anticipation of Trade‘s epic 24-hour 24th birthday party on Saturday 25 October, we caught up with Laurence Malice to ask him what his favourite 12 moments from Trade were.

1: The Opening Night of Trade
Clubland sometimes offers something unique and different. We are proud that we did.

2: Trade hosted one of the 2 stages for the Love Parade in Leeds, appearing in front of half a million people
The day was simply mesmerising and to see so many happy smiling faces react in such an incredible way will stay with me forever. There were only 2 stages – Trade was one of them the other was Radio One!

3: The launch of the Trade compilations series – topping the dance charts!
We are very proud that as one of the first club brands to head into the World of compilations; that the reception was so popular that we hit the top spot!

4. The discovery of so many DJs who became a force to be reckoned with internationally including the late Tony De Vit, Tall Paul, Smokin’ Jo, the Sharp Boys … the list goes on and on.
No gay club in this country has managed to equal this. Our music policy will forever be our most pivotal contribution to the club scene.

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5: The Channel 4 Trade Documentary.
Never before had a club brand been profiled in such a way on terrestrial television in the UK. Being on Channel 4 also encapsulated what the team’s hard work every weekend had broken through – the barriers of not being labelled as just another club but something special.

6: Launching the Trade Lite Lounge.
We noticed the explosion of a funkier, more disco orientated House sound in the scene that completely complimented what we were achieving on the main floor. The creation of ‘Trade Lite’ was at the time incredibly exciting as the venue (Turnmills) was developing and changing with new rooms being built.

7: Hard house turning mainstream and going international with Pushca in Ibiza and New York.
Taking Trade around the globe has been such an great honour as our sound pre- internet started getting noticed internationally by word-of-mouth and reputation, all of a sudden starting to hit the national charts of many territories, the Trade parties continued to touch down in such of the best clubs in the world.

8: The first Kinky Trade party.
We always endeavour to put a lot of thought and effort into our themed events and one of my most memorable has to be the first ‘Kinky Trade’ party. From the artwork to the production and décor – it was a very successful special party which is up there as both a DJs and customers favourite!

9: Having every top DJ on the planet wanting a slot to play at Trade
When you get the likes of Frankie Knuckles, Monica Kruse, Christian Smith and David Morales asking to play you know things are going well.

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10: DJs accrediting themselves to Trade when they never worked there
I have lost count of the many times I have seen a DJ claiming they have been booked at Trade, when they have never, ever played there! I suppose you can put it down to flattery, but it can become annoying as we have such a unique music policy and only book the right sound for Trade.

11: Having top musicians lined up outside Trade waiting to get in like regulars such as Bjork.
We have been visited by some of the most incredible music, theatre and entertainment stars who had heard and wanted to experience the unique style of clubbing which we produce.

12: Trade scene on HBO’s Sex and the City series.
The mention and scene makes you realise how far and wide we had come, and we haven’t finished yet!

About Trade

Steven Sharp is one half of the Sharp Boys DJs and was an original Trade clubber who then became a DJ at Trade, helping launch Trade Lite at the tail end of the 90s.

About Laurence Malice

Laurence Malice founded Trade, which was the UK’s first legal after-hours party, opening at 3am Sunday morning and running through to midday or later at Turnmills, and he has presided over his baby for the last 22 years. He has since opened Egg London, which is one of the capital’s busiest and most established underground club locations in Kings Cross, and which has just celebrated its 10th birthday recently, playing host to international DJs such as Danny Tenaglia, David Morales, DJ Sneak, Felix the Housecat, DJ Pierre, Dubfire, Layo & Bushwacka, Yousef’s Circus events and Todd Terry.


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