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There seems to be a bit of a surge at the moment with various artists all making unexpected or eagerly anticipated comebacks.

One of the most successful revivals has to be that of Craig David, which surprised the nation after he disappeared into oblivion or hibernation for several years despite his credibility in the charts. However if we ‘Re-Rewind’ (couldn’t resist that, sorry) much further, many of the singer/musicians having another roll of the dice are stars of the 80s nostalgia.

Yesteryear has been reborn (again) and over the past year alone we have seen the return of Phil Collins, Mike & The Mechanics and Paul Young, and even Johnny Hates Jazz have decided to ‘Turn Back The Clock’ and found the time is right to record new material.

Another band to make a surprise return was Sheffield’s finest ABC, who finally gave us the Lexicon of Love 2, after almost a 30-year wait.

Though the biggest jaw dropper was Rick Astley turning 50 and doing an Adele-inspired title for his recent comeback album aptly named 50, and it quite shockingly hit the top of the charts.

The 80s was renowned for Synth-Pop, Electro-Pop, Power Ballads, Punk, the New Romantics and for the big hair, dungarees and tomboy look – which coincidentally brings me onto the main feature of this topic. ‘I’m Really Saying Something’ now when I formally declare that the biggest girl band in ‘History’ (no not Shakespeare’s Sister) are back.

Looking better than ever (not that I expect anything less, mind you), ‘It Ain’t What You Do, It’s The Way That You Do It’ that’s what gets results, and results is what they got. We all went bananas for the Nanas and their cheesy pop and tomboy look. Throughout their career they have sold a respectable of somewhat forty million albums worldwide.

Bananarama were cool, they were edgy, they were not your average girl band and they stood the test of time.

They were riding high on the crest of a wave, with hit after hit and travelling the globe they had it all; however least when we expected it, suddenly it seemed to be all be ‘History’ when Siobhan Fahey sensationally quit the group to go all goth and form Shakespeare’s Sister.

Their final performance together came at The Brit Awards 1988. For the two remaining members and bezzie mates since their adolescent years, Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward would continue moving forward and they swiftly hired a replacement for Siobhan, in the name of Jackie O’Sullivan. So then there were three again.

But not for long, leaving Sara and Keren as a two-piece once more.

For years as a duo Sara and Keren would continue to write and record, play to sell-out arenas and gig at the Here and Now Revival Shows.

In the mid-00s (2005 to be precise) Bananarama returned with a bang, creating a whole lot of new Drama. The album was packed with pop and dance feelgood tracks that you could get your groove onto and throw some shapes around in the club.

Gone were the dungarees, big hair and tomboy look for a sexier appearance.

In the music video for ‘Move in My Direction’, the girls looked uber sassy and sophisticated – and totally camptastic. The video proved popular and in over 100 degrees Fahrenheit Sara and Keren frolicked in their black and pink tutus and accompanying heels. What’s not to love? Well the gyrating cowboys is always a bonus.


A standout track for me on the Drama album would be ‘Your Love is Like a Drug’ (and as the lyrics suggest ‘it leaves you wanting more’).

And ‘More, More, More’ is what we are getting.


We have waited until now for something to happen, and after 29 years all three original members will finally pull out all the stops to come back and give the fans something special. So dust down your dungarees and stock up on the lacquer as Bananarama are back for a 16-date tour throughout the UK during the autumnal season of 2017.

On top of this the ladies have signed a new record contract and will be releasing a brand new album very soon as well. So here’s hoping for a new ‘Venus’-style track that we can shake some booty to on the dance floor.


There is only one thing I have left to say and that is ‘I Want You Back’! Actually, you are, so welcome back, Sara, Keren and Siobhan. I am sure it will be worth the wait. OMG – I think I’m going bananas!

Tickets can be purchased at bananarama.co.uk/upcomingshows/

For more information and to keep upto date with everything Bananarama check out their official fan pages and official website at bananarama.co.uk.

Official Twitter: twitter.com/VivaBananarama

Official Facebook: facebook.com/TheBananarama