Oslo Pride – Culture, Love and Fjords

Adam Lowe

In the local tongue, Oslo Pride is referred to as Skeive Dager: ‘Queer Days’. In 2012 alone there were 40,000 visitors to the Oslo Pride Park, situated in City Hall Square, and an estimated 50,000 visited in 2013. With EuroPride looming in 2014, the city promises to be a highly popular destination for LGBT travellers in Europe and beyond.

Pride Park is an enclosed area, which is free of charge to enter. There visitors can enjoy shows, concerts, bars and great food. The party goes on into the night, with thousands of fellow queers from all over Norway, Scandinavia and Europe.

Skeive Dager makes sure to cater for the full spectrum of its LGBT audience. Its girl’s night, Kvinnekvelden, is the biggest lesbian party in Scandinavia (and possibly in the whole of Europe). This year it took place on Friday 28th June to a heaving crowd from across the globe.

The biggest pride parties outside Pride Park are held at Rockefeller Music Hall. The arena takes over 1,800 people. On Saturday 29th, The Queer Night Party (Skeiv Natt) took place at the Rockefeller Music Hall , and was filled to the brim with Scandinavian beauties of all (rainbow) stripes.

Oslo’s Pride Parade is growing bigger each year, and last year over 12,000 people participated in the parade through the streets of Oslo, with over 100.000 spectators enjoying the view.

In 2013, Oslo Pride had volunteers travelling from as far afield as Mexico to help out during the festival. Over 200 people volunteered to make the event happen.

In 2012, there were 1,000 people attending the arena debate at Pride House (The House of Literature, near The Royal Castle), showing Pride’s commitment to its political roots.

Oslo Pride 2013 dates were:

21st June – 29th Jne

Events (highlights)

Pride house:

21st June – 23rd June

Pride park

26th June – 29th June

Pride parade

29th June

EuroPride 2014

In 2014 Oslo Pride are hosting EuroPride. The Pride Park will will expand, with even more people connecting to share the love.

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