Patterflash!, Edinburgh Fringe 2014 – Preview

Vada That

Monday 11 – Friday 15 August 2014
4.30pm – 5.30pm
The Lizard Lounge @ The Electric Circus
Part of the PBH Free Fringe

LGBT History Month and Manchester Pride writers in residence Young Enigma bring their first touring showcase, Patterflash!, to the PBH Free Fringe.

What is Patterflash!?

Patterflash! is a queer literary variety show and LGBT outreach programme. Young Enigma will be sharing skills and empowering young people at Britain’s biggest arts festival. The show was partially funded by members of the public through the group’s Indiegogo campaign earlier in the year.

Patterflash! combines the best traditions of live literature with all the energy and verve of queer performance.

The performers will draw upon the range of queer life – from ballroom culture to protest movements, from house music to cabaret, from drag to stand-up, from pride to the ‘gay language’ Polari – to vivify six intertwined stories of contemporary queer Britain.

Six writers of diverse backgrounds will travel to Edinburgh to perform this exciting new show: Tara Ali Din, Jane Bradley, Barnaby Callaby, Jamal Gerald, Adam Lowe and Rebecca Swarray. The team will be bringing to life characters such as The Lesbian Terrorist, Beyonce Holes, Fabulash Jones and ‘black Bette Lynch’ Shazza. (For more about Young Enigma’s writers, visit their writers’ page.)

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MCing and guest performance slots will be filled by Cheryl Martin, an LGBT+ poet who has just released her first collection of poems, called Alaska (Crocus Books, 2014); and Janette Ayachi, winner of the 2014 Barbara Burford Prize at the Young Enigma Awards 2014.

Tickets are free to open minds.


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