Poems for Your Fridge: Ain’t Got No Party Guilt by Gerry Potter

Vada That

To mark 25 years of Trade

Middle of a bass-boom,
start of the universe,
happiest place imaginable.
Smiles ‘n’ eyes strobe magic
and in every seconds of us
the infinite bursts.

People who say this isn’t love
have never loved,
never really smiled.

When you feel the rage of rhythm roar
like a standing ovation through your body,
you are fucking nature
fisting God.
You are one super-nova
in a room of super-novas,
patterning the mantra of dance.

Shaman soup,
you’re mirrorballin’ babe.

And you kiss the demons weaving,
hold your hands in the air.
Ain’t got no party guilt
cos baby
it was perfection.

Ain’t got no party guilt
cos baby
I was there.

About the author

Gerry Potter is a poet, director, actor, author of the hit play Miracle, and both creator and destroyer of the infamous gingham diva, Chloe Poems.

A favourite son of both Manchester and his home town Liverpool, he has a reputation for putting his Scouse voice on the line and is strong on poetry and strong on the causes of poetryism.

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Gerry says, ‘Trade was a mad, bad queer techno club in London that revolutionised rave.’

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