QTIPOC/LGBT POC self-representation on the web and beyond – Preview

Daniel Wren

The internet is not just a reflection of the racial politics of our time, but a locus in which many new problems arise. The distinction between ‘the real world’ and the internet is increasingly blurred as concepts such as gentrification, ghettoisation and white flight can be seen on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Indeed, there has been a rise in the number of people of colour – queers and women in particular – who are exposing the rampant racism, sexism and threats of violence they experience every day. At the same time, the internet is buzzing with new and vital examples of Q/TIPOC* self representation, from the dozens of web-series that reflect our daily lives to Tumblr blogs to the notion of Black Twitter.

Join us for a discussion around self-representation online, in which we explore several web series and examine some of the deeper trends that govern our virtual realities. (With snacks!)

Date: Thursday 25 September, 7-10pm
Venue: Guest Projects, 1 Andrews Road E8, London, United Kingdom

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*QTIPOC or Q/TIPOC means ‘queer, trans* and intersex people of colour’.

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