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QueerBerlin map
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In advance of Berlin’s annual gay pride march (Christopher Street Day) on Saturday 22nd July, gay travel writer Adam Groffman from TravelsofAdam.com and travel guide publisher Berta Luise Heide from walk-this-way.net published a QueerBerlin map. This travel guide has a retail price of 5€ and features recommended LGBT-friendly museums, shops, sights, restaurants, cafés, bars, clubs and more.

Berlin has a long history as an LGBT-friendly destination. In the 1920s, Berlin was at the centre of the flamboyant decade of cabaret and attracted a diverse and international group of LGBT individuals. Berlin’s gay neighbourhood of Schöneberg was one of the world’s first, home in the 1920s to legendary gay icons like Marlene Dietrich and Christopher Isherwood. Today, the city is once again one of the world’s most queer-friendly places with a diverse number of options available to every type of traveler—further evidenced by the recent vote to make same-sex marriage fully legal.

For many years, the German capital has attracted LGBT-tourists; hundreds of thousands visit each summer for the annual Christopher Street Day pride parade. “Berlin is one of the best cities in the world for LGBT tourists. With the QueerBerlin map, we highlight some of our favourite places – the very same which we would recommend to family and friends that tourists might not be able to find on their own”, Groffman said.

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The QueerBerlin map also includes three specific walking tours through Berlin to help guide tourists through Berlin’s many tourist sites, including LGBT specific places. The QueerBerlin city walks are designed to guide LGBT tourists effortlessly through Berlin. Berlin is such a diverse and sprawling city with so many things to see and do, it’s not always easy for tourists to find the best of the best, hence the recommendations produced by Groffman and Heide. This includes sights such as the Reichstag, beer gardens off the beaten path in Tiergarten, hidden shops, an art gallery inside a bunker and of course many queer-specific hotspots and underground events.

QueerBerlin is available immediately to buy online for 5€ at walk-this-way.net or in select shops and restaurants in Berlin.

For more information on Adam Groffman, visit travelsofadam.com and on Berta Luise Heide, click walk-this-way.net.

QueerBerlin map

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