SASS: Excess Party – Review

Adam Lowe

We were lucky enough to check out the launch party of new night SASS – hosted by our gorgeous pals Rudy and Lill. The opening night was the ‘Excess Party’, and it was clear from the moment we walked through the door that the night would live up to expectations.

What worked so well about SASS was the energy – it was a really dynamic mix of crowds who felt like they were up for anything. There were drag queens, rubber men, porn stars, fashionistas, scene queens, indie kids and everything in between. SASS captured the very best of what Manchester has to offer – a DIY coming together of previously disparate cliques and scenes to build a new community together.

The night had performances from Grace Oni Smith; Lill, Violet Blonde and Liquorice Black; and Pam Van Damned. Music was provided by The Niallist. Meanwhile, host Rudy was on-hand to get snaps of the partgoers in a specially prepared mini-studio on the night.

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Plus we’ve got some really cool pictures . . .

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