Scottee – Camp (as Christmas)

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Award winning performance artist and glorified drag queen Scottee is back after his sell out run at CircusFest earlier this year.

Camp (as Christmas) is a special festive edition of his now infamous variety showcase featuring some of the world’s leading show offs including the winner of Baghdad’s Got Talent, lip syncher and proper dancer Nando Messias, international hula hopper Donald Choi, funny fatty Jayde Adams, tap dance sensation Josephine Shaker, sort of magician Sue Hart, poetry slam runner up and Geordie lass Cheryl Dole, Burger Queen winner Gloria Swansong, in-house dance troupe Japan’s People throw shapes between acts plus video work from Susannah Hewlett feat. Amy Lamé.

Expect a mixed bill of camp clichés, limp wrists, games shows and catch phrases smashed together with Christmas television rip offs, some cheap tinsel and lots of good old fashioned light entertainment including Scottee’s quest to become top of the Christmas pops!

Suitable for mums and snowball drinkers.

Tickets are available now, visit

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