TRADE 2WENTY 4OUR Interview: Massimo Paramour

Reggie Myers

It’s TRADE’s birthday time again! What are you most looking forward to about TRADE 2WENTY 4OUR?

The people, the music, the amazing venue and the fact that it’s gonna be a very long party this time! I can’t wait!

What is your funniest memory about last year’s birthday at Egg London

I was wearing a clerical shirt during my set, when suddenly a bunch of guys started queuing in front of the DJ booth asking for forgiveness and crossing themselves. It was surreal, but I had a laugh.

Which three people would be on your dream TRADE birthday guestlist?

Grayson Perry, David Lynch, and David Nutt.

What are your current top three tracks?

‘Armanus (Joal Mix)’ by Chaty, Tamez, and Gabriel I; ‘Love Taking Over (Original Mix)’ by Dusky; and ‘Baby Wants to Ride’ by Bluefin.

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Name your ultimate TRADE anthem that you will be playing.

‘Spin Spin Sugar (Armand’s Dark Garage Remix)’ by Sneaker Pimps.  It has all the ingredients that I love in a track, and it still sounds so damn fresh, even after 17 years!

Don’t miss Massimo Paramour spinning TRADE Disco at TRADE 2WENTY 4OUR: The Longest Birthday at Egg London on Saturday 25 October. TRADE 2WENTY 4OUR will celebrate The TRADE Collective’s 24th birthday starting at 2pm with no definite ending time.

Other performers include Severino Panzetta and TheMenWhoFell2Earth among many others.

Tickets can be purchased in advance at or you canwin tickets by entering our competition.

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