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For those who enjoyed sashaying through the streets of London last weekend as part of the Pride in London celebrations, this weekend, there is a different kind of walk on offer. Quarterly magazine, The Chap has launched a new gentleman’s fragrance called Flaneur by The Chap inspired by the famous solitary urban wanderers of 19th century Paris, flâneurs. To coincide the launch of the eau de cologne, The Chap has arranged a mass-saunter through the streets of London to celebrate, The Grand Flaneur Walk.

Sartorially en-pointe, a flâneur is the slightly less flamboyant counterpart to the British dandy. The Flâneur, originating from the French noun flânerie meaning stroller or lounger, is an individual in search of anything that might pique his or her interest. Without plan, destination, appointment and armed only with curiosity, an open mind and unlimited time, the flâneur bypasses all tourist sights and monuments and walks among the crowds, oblivious to the ceaseless chattering around him.

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The Grand Flâneur Walk will be a call to Londoners to put down their smart phones and lift their curious gazes to the fascinating sights of everyday life that London has to offer. Starting at the Beau Brummell statue on Jermyn Street, the route, naturally, has no destination and no schedule – a novelty for the google-map reliant over-planners of the twenty-first century. The Grand Flâneur Walk welcomes anyone who is keen to nurture the air of the artist-poet while ambling through the city.

Participants are invited to join the walk at the statue on Jermyn Street at midday, and 19th costume, props and decorations are all very welcome.

For more information on Flâneur by The Chap visit thechap.co.uk.

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