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Adrian Everett

Vote for your LGBT role models now on the World Pride Power List website.


Finding a role model who represents you is an important part of growing up for LGBT people. We’re quite lucky that in 2014 there are plenty of high profile LGBT individuals to choose from, although admittedly less so in the boardroom. In association with The Guardian, The World Pride Power List has launched a global search for the top 100 most influential LGBT people of this year.

With pride power comes great responsibility [sorry] and more than ever we are looking to the high profile members of our community to take a stand. LGBT rights have been in the foreground of global politics for both positive and hugely catastrophic reasons. While the West has been celebrating its new found tolerance for marriage equality, elsewhere there has been a backlash with acceptance levels for LGBT people dropping as new and seriously damaging legislation is brought into place.

The organisers of the list say this year’s World Pride Power List is more important than ever given the recent anti-gay legislation passed by the Russian Parliament aimed at limiting the rights of the country’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people.

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2013’s List was lead by #selfie and pizza lover Ellen DeGeneres, with the top ten featuring Sir Ian McKellen, Lord Ali and (of course) Stephen Fry. Refreshingly last year’s top 100 also recognised the T in our acronym, with Chaz Bono and Europe’s first transgender MP, Poland’s Anna Grodzka, making their way into the top 40.

Sarah Garett from the World Pride Power List had this to say:
“Homosexuality remans illegal in 70 countries with penalties ranging from imprisonment to death. That is why it is so important to build a platform and celebrate role models who are out, proud and successful.

This year, we’re asking members of the public to nominate inspirational people from all industries and especially influential people from areas of the world where being LGBT is more difficult.”

The results of the public vote for this years list will be announced in London on Friday 27th June.

You can vote for your LGBT role models now on the World Pride Power List website.

You can nominate your top three LGBT people and one straight ally, but make it snappy as the nominations close this Friday 16th May!

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