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Vada Magazine was an idea formed by best friends Adam Lowe and Michael Bryant in late 2012. After having worked together on a number of publishing projects, they combined their skills (publishing and journalism; web and graphic design) to found Vada. The project brought together friends from around the world to create an exciting new magazine for LGBT readers.

Vada Magazine works in conjunction with Young Enigma, a not-for-profit programme which supports young and emerging LGBT writers, performers and editors in achieving their professional goals. We are a non-profit-making venture, free from the restraints of pleasing advertisers.

Vada also relies on the efforts and creativity of its team of contributors. Explore the site to find their articles, insights and opinions. If you have any author enquiries, or wish to become a contributor please contact Adam Lowe or the relevant section editor.

Vada is published by Dog Horn Publishing.

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