Rainbow flag torn down by drunks at Oxford University

Simon Blish

According to The Oxford Student, a report has been made to the police after a group of young men tore down a rainbow flag at Jesus College. The men, who were apparently drunk, then went on to attempt to steal a student’s laptop, it is alleged.

The owner of the flag, Huw Jones, referred to the incident as ‘the most pathetic hate crime ever’ but a ‘reminder of the discrimination and hate that queer people face across the world’.

The flag, which had been flying from Huw’s room for five months, was torn while the young men said ‘horrible things’. Usually, the university has a high number of rainbow flags flying during February, which is LGBT History Month.

Previously, The Oxford Student had reported an incident of rainbow flags being torn down at Corpus Christi about a year previously. The culprits were said to be members of the Abbotts, an all-male drinking society.

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