Andreja Pejic comes out as trans woman

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22 year-old model Australian model Andreja Pejic has come out as a trans woman, confirming she had sexual reassignment surgery in early 2014.

The Serbian born model reached out to People and Entertainment Tonight to tell her story, telling readers all over the world that she has always wanted to be a girl.  Talking to People Pejic said:

‘I always dreamt of being a girl. One of my earliest memories is spinning around in my mom’s skirt trying to look like a ballerina.’

Pejic herself began modelling aged 17 and was praised and idolised for her non conformist attitude to gender and modelling both menswear and womens clothing. This brought her to the attention of designers such as Marc Jacobs and Jean-Paul Gautier for whom she walked the catwalk in Paris fashion week. However in her interview she said her career had to come second to her transitioning.

‘I was proud of my gender nonconforming career. But my biggest dream was to be comfortable in my own body. I have to be true to myself and the career is just going to have to fit around that.’

Discussing her reasons for coming out now Pejic says ‘I want to share my story with the world because I think I have a social responsibility … I hope that by being open about this, it becomes less of an issue.’

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