Anti-LGBT pastor will be tried for crimes against humanity

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American pastor Scott Lively, president of the conservative Christian organisation Abiding Truth Ministries and one of the designers of Uganda’s ‘Anti-Homosexuality Act’ (more commonly known as the ‘Kill the Gays’ law), is going to be tried for crimes against humanity.

A 2012 lawsuit filed against Lively in federal court in Massachusetts charged him with crimes against humanity for his part in shaping the legislation in Uganda. Last week, the First Circuit Court of Appeals denied Lively’s final request to have the charges dismissed.

Lively has also claimed that his role in the Ugandan legislation also inspired Russia’s notorious anti-LGBT laws, which saw protests and boycotts in the run-up to and during the Sochi Winter Olympics.

In an open letter written in 2007, published as ‘Letter to the Russian People’, Lively wrote: ‘Homosexuality is a personality disorder that involves various often dangerous sexual addictions and aggressive anti-social impulses.’

Lively has gone on to support Putin’s crack-down on LGBT people in Russia, referring to Putin as ‘an example of moral leadership’.

Lively is also the co-author of the 1995 book The Pink Swastika, a book which claims that homosexuality was a driving force behind the Nazi Party and the Holocaust. The book is currently in its fifth edition.

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Lively continues to keep an active internet presence, posting a blog entry titled ‘In 2015 Silence Equals Death to Marriage’ on 24 January that referred to the Supreme Court case decision in United States v Windsor as ‘The Roe v Wade of Sodomy’.

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