Canada’s LGBT+ teens and pregnancy

Curtis van der Berg
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Experts from British Columbia have reported their findings from a recent survey conducted on LGBT+ teens in the province.

The results of the survey found that LGBT+ youth were at greater risk of either falling pregnant or impregnating someone than their heterosexual classmates.

Dr. Elizabeth Saewyc of The University of British Columbia’s School of Nursing told QMI Agency, “There definitely appears to be a link with experiencing discrimination and harassment.”

Saewyc went on to explain that this is probably a survival tactic used to camouflage sexual orientation amongst LGBT+ teens in order to avoid homophobic bullying.

An unpublished survey conducted in 2013 found that gay and bisexual boys were almost four times as likely to cause a pregnancy as their peers, while Lesbian and bisexual girls were twice as likely to fall pregnant.

Despite equality under the law in Canada, the study also reports that many LGBT+ youth still experience discrimination and bullying in schools due to their sexual orientation.

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