Christian worship singer Vicky Beeching comes out

One of the biggest names in Contemporary Christian Music has come out as gay.

Vicky Beeching, 35, disclosed her sexuality in an interview with The Independent on Wednesday, saying ‘I feel certain God loves me just the way I am.’

Beeching was raised in Kent but relocated to the USA when her music career took off.  The singer revealed that she had been diagnosed with the rare degenerative disease linea sclerederma morphea, a condition her doctor rold her was normally triggered by stress.

She explained, “For me there was no question: it was the stress of my sexuality.”

Beeching, who is rumoured to be in line to present BBC’s Songs of Praise, came out to her family this Easter, saying that she has gradually come to terms with her sexuality over the last eighteen months. Despite her parents disagreeing with her theological perspective, she added, ‘It’s a picture of what is possible, even when you don’t agree, that love can supersede everything.’

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