Delaware school board member objects to word ‘gay’ in class

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Shaun Fink, a school board member in Delaware, USA, has stated that he opposes a new health curriculum which includes definitions of the words gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender. Fink has also opposed teaching methods of preventing HIV and STIs, as well as pregnancy.

Fink said that schools have no business teaching ‘anything that discusses gender identity, homosexuality.’

‘Schools have no role in teaching someone “if you’re gay you’re normal.” That is not the school’s role,’ Fink stated. He later said that this kind of education is best carried out by the parents at home.

Some teachers have openly disagreed with Fink’s comments, observing that students might not always have parents who are knowledgeable about safe sex or issues relating to sexuality and gender. Delaware is a state which has a Title 14 requirement to have a curriculum focused on abstinence.

In regard to his stance against teaching preventative safe-sex practices, Fink stated, ‘Condoms don’t belong in a classroom. End of story.’

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