Egypt cuts jail time for ‘gay wedding’ video stars

James Patrick Carraghan
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The eight men who appeared in a video uploaded to YouTube claiming to be the first ‘gay marriage’ in Egypt have had their sentences shortened from three years to one year.

The eight were originally charged with inciting debauchery and offending public morality, charges which they have all denied.

Though homosexuality is legal in Egypt, as are same-sex sexual activities, Egyptian police have engaged in raids of LGBT+ spaces and acts of entrapment of gay men through social media such as Grindr and Facebook. These raids and arrests are justified under laws dictating standards of ‘morality.’

It has been suggested that as many as 80 people have been arrested in these cases in the past year alone.

Activists have previously taken to Twitter under the hashtag #stopjailinggays to raise awareness of what has been going on in Egypt.

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