Eva Mendes expecting a baby with boyfriend Ryan Gosling?

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According to rumours which are both heart-warming and heartbreaking for us at Vada, film star Eva Mendes is apparently pregnant to boyfriend and international sex symbol Ryan Gosling.

The couple met in 2011 on the set of the film The Place Between the Pines, and Mendes has been dodging rumours of a pregnancy since it was reported in OK that she was already 7 months along!

While there has been no announcement from the couple, Ellen Degeneres took to Twitter to congratulate them, making many a fan wonder if it really is simply the worst-kept secret in Hollywood right now.

If true, we are of course happy for the couple, but we cannot help but feel that this means there is definitely no chance that Ryan Gosling will ever realise he likes men and take one of us as his boyfriend. (Likewise, Eva isn’t going to be marrying a woman, either. Sorry, sisters.)

Oh well – at least we still have memes and shirtless pictures to keep us warm at night!

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Would a definitely straight and taken Ryan Gosling leave you heartbroken? Do you think you need support through these trying times should the rumours prove to be true? Sound off in the comments and let us get through this together.

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