Florida church cancels gay man’s funeral

Sean Weaver

As reported in the Tampa Bay Times on Friday the 8 of August 2014, New Hope Missionary Baptist church, a church  located in Tampa, Florida, cancelled the funeral of Julion Evans on the basis of his sexuality on the 2 of August 2014.  The Times reports that Evans’ husband, Kendall Capers, states that when church members read Evan’s obituary and discovered he was married to a man they began to complain to the Pastor, who later decided to cancel all funeral services—stating that it would be ‘blasphemous’ to have a funeral for someone who is gay.  While the church cancelled the funeral, Capers and Evans’ family were able to hold the service at the funeral home where the wake was being held.

Vada would like to offer our personal condolences to Evan’s family, friends, and husband Kendall Capers.  We hope that you find peace in the passing of your beloved family member, friend, and husband.

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