Gay couple attacked in Center City, Philadelphia

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A gay couple was viciously attacked and robbed in Center City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 11 September 2014.

The victims were walking around 16th Street and Chancellor Street when they were confronted by a group of two males and six or seven females. A witness claimed that someone in the group asked one of the men, ‘Is this your fucking boyfriend?’

‘Yes, do you have a problem?’ one of the men said.

When he said yes, the group attacked the couple. They received blows to the face, head and chest. One of the men’s injuries was severe enough that he was taken to Hahnemann University Hospital. It was discovered that he had a bone fracture which will require surgery.

As they were assaulted, one of the men dropped a bag which contained a mobile phone, wallet and credit cards. One of the attackers took the bag with them as they fled.

One witness has come forward to say that he heard the group screaming homophobic slurs at the two men while they attacked. ‘…I never witnessed a hate crime based on that,’ the witness said.

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Presently, the police do not consider the attack to be motivated by sexual orientation.

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